Delivery & Customer Pickup
Hammond Farms Landscape Supply is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers when having materials delivered or when picking up from one of our 5 convenient locations.


We are committed to your safety and to those of our staff. We will gladly load your open bed truck or trailer with bulk items or palletized materials providing you are using a vehicle/trailer that is designed to do that.

Customer Pickup

For your convenience we offer 4 locations that allow you to pick up bulk materials in either 1/2 yard, 3/4 yard or 1 yard increments. In addition to bulk items, our stores offer a huge variety of other landscape materials including palletized material.


We bulk load pickup trucks.


We bulk load qualifying trailers.


We do not bulk load SUVs, vans or sedans.

Delivery Options

Hammond Farms has earned much of our reputation for great customer satisfaction with our delivery service. In addition to servicing the greater Lansing area, we deliver to the surrounding cities like DeWitt, Williamston, Portland, Grand Ledge, Potterville and Mason. We maintain an extensive fleet of trucks capable of handling any size job usually the same day, and often in a couple of hours allowing you to plan your day.

Delivery Services

The minimum quantity of ANY delivered material is 1 cubic yard.

Maximum Delivery Quantities

Bark Mulch – 40 yards
Topsoil/Blended Soil – 12 yards
Sand – 10 yards
Gravel – 9/10 yards
Landscape Stone – 10 yards
Finished Compost – 15 yards

Large Delivery Quantities*

Bark Mulch – 65/90/100/145 yards
Topsoil/Compost – 45/50 yards
Sand/Gravel/Stone – 36/40 yards

* - Specific restrictions may apply.

How to Calculate a Cubic Yard


Delivery Methods

Along with our traditional methods of delivery, we also have several other options available depending on the type of product(s) being delivered.

There are several things to consider when selecting a delivery location for your landscape materials. Our goal is to place the materials as close to where you need them as we can; however sometimes due to specific (see below) circumstances we cannot. Our drivers are responsible for their vehicle as well as your safety and their own, therefore; our drivers have the final say as to where the material can and will be placed. Should you have specific requirements for your delivery, please talk to our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff before placing your delivery order.

Delivery Scenarios