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MI Stone & Boulders

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Bark Mulch

Hammond Farms offers the area’s widest selection of shredded wood mulches in a rainbow of colors, textures and price ranges. With more than twenty varieties, we’re sure to have the ideal mulch for any application. Most of the bark we sell is in bulk form by the cubic yard (yd). Our loaders have pre- measured buckets, so that you’re sure to get all of the product that you have ordered.(please feel free to double check us!) We do carry bagged mulches, but for quantities of one yard or more, especially if you have a truck or trailer to pick the materials up, bulk form is clearly the least expensive way to buy. Our trucks are able to deliver any size load that you may need from one to one hundred twenty yards. A standard, full-sized pick up truck will generally carry about two yards of wood mulch. For your convenience, we have included a materials calculation link to help determine your needs, as it’s no fun to come up short of material or to be giving it away to your neighbors, just so you can get into your garage again! We recommend that a total of four to six inches of mulch be applied over bare ground to help retain moisture, add nutrients to the soil and protect plants’ roots from freezing. When top-dressing beds to “freshen them up”, the total depth of mulch should be brought back to at least four inches. We at Hammond Farms Landscape Supply would love to have you come to one of our locations to see what we have to offer, as we are sure you’ll be amazed at our mountains of mulches. It’s worth the trip! Some photographs contain products that have been enhanced with water to bring out their natural colors and textures. These photographs are intended to be used as a guide only.
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Soils + Compost

Hammond Farms custom soil blends are produced to an exacting standard for every application from basic screened topsoil to more complex blends of compost. For over 30 years we have been providing our customers with finest quality topsoil, compost, and garden amendments. We are particularly excited about our compost products including closed loop compost which is derived from food scraps and yard waste. This organic, high nutrient, soil amendment is ideal for planting beds and gardens alike. Hammond Farms can deliver one yard or a gravel train, depending on your requirements. Our products can be used for a wide variety of projects including grading, lawns, gardens, planting bed, and more.
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Sands + Gravels

Hammond Farms offers an impressive selection of sand and gravel for just about any project. Our selection of sand includes material for under concrete, pools, and brick pavers. We also offer Lake Michigan beach sand, which is ideal for sand boxes and earth bottom ponds. Our gravel materials include multiple products for leveling, filling, and top coating driveways, parking spots, and turn around areas. We carry several compactable materials for use with retaining walls and brick pavers.
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Decorative, MI Stone + Boulders

Hammond Farms carries one of Mid-Michigan’s largest selections of decorative stone mulches. While initially more expensive than bark mulch, the overall durability makes this product an ideal choice for certain landscape applications. Decorative stones add a unique and distinctive look to any landscape. The vibrant colors are ideal for creating visual boarders in landscape beds and accent areas in your yard. Another alternative to decorative stone mulch is material that is native to Michigan, also known as Michigan stone. This multi-colored, smooth stone is traditional lower in cost than many of the decorative stones. The Michigan stone comes in a variety of sizes from very small (peastone) to incredibly large boulders used to accent landscapes. We strongly recommend using our C.M.H.D. contractor grade weed fabric under ANY stone mulch to help eliminate weeds. Weed fabric allows water to pass through to plants while resisting weeds. If you are looking for a natural material to create a retaining wall or to accent your landscape, consider our selection of Michigan boulders. Boulders come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Due to the variations in sizes, we STRONGLY recommend stopping into one our convenient locations to select your specific boulders before having them delivered.
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Concrete Pavers + Retaining Walls

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Natural Stone

Natural stones can be used in various applications including retaining walls, slope terracing, raised planting beds, and many different pond applications including ledges and waterfalls. Stone coverage is measured in face feet, and is usually sold by the ton.
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Lawn + Garden

Hammond Farms carries a complete selection of traditional and organic based lawn & garden care products. Show below are some of the more popular fertilizers, pesticides, weed preventers, and grass seeds.
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Water Garden

Hammond Farms has the largest selection of in-stock water garden supplies in the area! We stock products to maintain, build, and enhance any water feature.
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Ice Melt Products

Hammond Farms offers a wide variety of ice melting products including both bagged and bulk salt. We load salt during normal business hours (Dimondale location) and also offer after hours loading at our East Lansing & Dimondale locations. Call for details; Text: SALT4U to 22999 for current updates of our loading schedule.
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Ballfield Materials

Hammond Farms offers a full selection of products for maintaining, repairing, and even constructing new or existing athletic fields. For larger quantities of material, we offer many direct ship options designed to save you money.
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We sell a variety of firewood in different formats to meet your needs from hardwood conveniently split to large unprocessed logs, great for do-it-yourselfers. Hammond Farms has several delivery options available as well.
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Enhance your existing landscaping with easy to install 12 volt lighting from Sollos. Hammond Farms stocks a large selection of landscape lights to highlight, accent, and showcase your homes beauty.
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Hammond Farms offers a large selection of contractor grade products from Wolverine, Webber, Halder, Earthway, PIP, and more. Shown below is just a sampling of our more popular items.
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We offer one of the areas largest selection of in-stock hardscape accessories to aid in the installation and finishing of your next paver or retaining wall project. Our products include edging, sealers & cleaners, polymeric sands, geo grids, adhesives, and more!
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Additional Products

In addition to bulk landscape products, Hammond Farms also carries additional items to help with any of your landscape projects! Be sure to stop into any one of our locations to see the huge selection of in stock items that we carry.