In addition to bulk landscape products, Hammond Farms also carries additional items to help with any of your landscape projects! Be sure to stop into any one of our locations to see the huge selection of in stock items that we carry.
Featured image for “Drain Tile Products”

Drain Tile Products

  • Solid drain tile
  • Perforated drain tile
  • Perforated drain tile w/sock
  • Available in 100ft rolls and/or 10' sections
  • Drain tile fittings (elbow, wye, tee)
  • Downspout adaptors (residential, commercial)
  • Popups, grates, reducers, connectors
  • Trench drains
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Erosion Control

  • 8ft Erosion blankets
  • 4ft Erosion blankets
  • Straw bales
  • EZ Straw (great for seeding!)
  • Silt fence
  • Filter/Compost Sock
  • Sandbags
  • Geotextile fabric
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Landscape Edging

  • 20ft Plastic edging
  • 8' Brick edging
  • Heavy duty
  • Contractor grade
  • 16ft Aluminum edging (mill finish/black finish)
  • 10ft Steel (green/black painted)
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Weed Fabric

  • 3ft x 50ft
  • 3ft x 100ft
  • 3ft x 300ft
  • 4ft x 50ft
  • 4ft x 100ft
  • 4ft x 300ft
  • 6ft x 300ft
  • 8ft x 300ft
  • 12ft x 300ft