Hammond Farms carries one of Mid-Michigan’s largest selections of decorative stone mulches. While initially more expensive than bark mulch, the overall durability makes this product an ideal choice for certain landscape applications. Decorative stones add a unique and distinctive look to any landscape. The vibrant colors are ideal for creating visual boarders in landscape beds and accent areas in your yard. Another alternative to decorative stone mulch is material that is native to Michigan, also known as Michigan stone. This multi-colored, smooth stone is traditional lower in cost than many of the decorative stones. The Michigan stone comes in a variety of sizes from very small (peastone) to incredibly large boulders used to accent landscapes. We strongly recommend using our C.M.H.D. contractor grade weed fabric under ANY stone mulch to help eliminate weeds. Weed fabric allows water to pass through to plants while resisting weeds. If you are looking for a natural material to create a retaining wall or to accent your landscape, consider our selection of Michigan boulders. Boulders come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Due to the variations in sizes, we STRONGLY recommend stopping into one our convenient locations to select your specific boulders before having them delivered.
Featured image for “Black Lava”

Black Lava

$299.00 Per Yard
This is a lightweight, porous stone that is mined in Colorado. They are some of our most popular decorative stones, due to their deep color and relative low price. This particular stone is a solid black in color.
Featured image for “Chocolate Chips”

Chocolate Chips

$259.00 Per Yard
This soft brown stone is named for its resemblance to the food of the same name, but for dental and nutritional reasons we discourage its use for snacking or baking.
Featured image for “Lilac Chips”

Lilac Chips

$220.00 Per Yard
As the name suggest, this is a lilac colored stone, which is approximately 1” in size.
Featured image for “Meramec”


$195.00 Per Yard
This is a smooth textured, tan/brown colored stone. Its neutral color allows it to blend with most earth tones, and almost any landscape configuration.
Featured image for “Michigan 1" Crushed Stone”

Michigan 1″ Crushed Stone

$62.00 Per Yard
This stone is a very clean, colorful Michigan stone that is ideal for pathways and as filler around flagstone. This is the same material as above, but contains stone ranging in size from ½ to 1”.
Featured image for “Michigan Stone (3/8-1")”

Michigan Stone (3/8-1″)

$44.50 Per Yard
This smooth, washed stone is frequently used under decks and is often used as drainage stone in drain fields. This stone is also called “float Stone”.
Featured image for “Michigan Stone 1" to 3"”

Michigan Stone 1″ to 3″

$60.00 Per Yard
This is the most popular landscape stone we carry. Its size is large enough to stay in place once installed.